With the recruitment season about to get into full swing, we have been busy meeting with client groups across the UAE, Qatar and Asia. We are delighted to announce that we have been given mandates from some excellent schools in these regions to recruit high quality staff.


New Beginnings…. Tips to help you settle in

It’s your first few days in a new school and in a new country and it’s a daunting experience.  You’ve hardly had time to catch your breath and the jetlag is just about subsiding. You’re still settling into your new home, but the gas hasn’t been connected yet and you’ve almost gone through the whole […]

5 things to consider before teaching abroad

Relocation Cost Yes, most positions will offer sun, a tax free salary and numerous travel opportunities, but have you considered the costs in moving abroad? There are obvious costs, such as baggage fees and removals, but also some hidden ones such as attestations of your degrees, health checks, visa costs and DBS/police checks. All of […]

The Trailing Spouse

There are many new terms that you will come across upon entering the world of international education and expat living.“Third Culture Kid”; “Global Nomad”; “Hardship post”; and “Cultureshock” are but a few. Perhaps one of the most common is the term “Trailing Spouse”. Trailing Spouse is the term given to a person who follows his/her […]


What to Ask in a Job Interview

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How to Write a Killer Job Advert

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The Real Cost of Headhunting an Executive

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How to Keep Candidates Engaged

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