The international school jobs market can be a minefield..for schools and teachers alike. Here we outline the advantages of working with a reputable recruitment agency and how to choose one.

Local Knowledge

You want to work with an agency that has some credibility and track record in recruiting internationally. The best recruiters will have a wealth of knowledge about the international school scene and will be able to advise you and guide you through the process from the interview, to the documentation required and to the move overseas itself. Recruiters with a background in education, better still- in international education, will be there to counsel you from first hand experience.

Contractual advice

Unclear what taxes apply in the county you are going to? What exactly does the local labour law say about unpaid leave? What about the fine print in relation to my accommodation deposit? Contract terms and conditions vary from school to school and country to country. A quality recruiter will help you to navigate any questions  you may have in regards to your contract before you make the big decision to move. Part of their job is liaising with HR departments of schools to make sure you have all information at your disposal before signing for the school. If they have already placed candidates with the school in the past, they will have an excellent insight into the ins and outs of the contract on offer.

Savings potential

The best recruiters will work with you to understand your financial reasons for going abroad and will be able to advise what part of the world will help you realize your savings potential. This varies on many factors such as your personal circumstances, your lifestyle expectations while abroad, and any financial obligations you have in your home country. Whilst you might relish the idea of taking up a contract in the Austrian Alps, you need to carefully consider the currency and tax implications and a move to Malaysia might offer more savings potential.

Relationships with schools

The best recruiters will cultivate and maintain relationships with great schools to ensure that the teacher is a right fit for the school and vice versa. There are, unfortunately, too many new recruitment companies out there with no background or experience in education who are only interested in the placement fee. By the same token, your recruiter will establish a good working relationship with you to figure out the school that is the best fit for you, from a personal, financial and career progression perspective.

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